Terranea nourishes those in need and continues sustainability practices with Chefs to End Hunger

One of the critical initiatives of Terranea’s green team is addressing food waste. In an effort to aid the hunger crisis, as well as divert food from the landfill, Terranea Resort is proud to partner  with Chefs to End Hunger, the non-profit sector of food distributor LA & SF Specialty. When Terranea has a surplus of safely chilled, unserved food, it is diverted from the landfill through filled Hunger Kits that are picked up and distributed to either the Midnight Mission in Downtown LA or Bracken’s Kitchen in Orange County. Organizations like the Midnight Mission are able to keep the meals at such a low cost of production because of food donations like Terranea’s, as it costs 95 cents to serve each meal, per person, at the Midnight Mission.

11.16.17 Cathy Lauren Bernard Jonathan

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