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Food for Fuel and Flourishing

No matter where you choose to dine on property, you will find options crafted for those who are conscious of their wellness. Menus throughout all of the dining establishments have been created with food choices that are not only delicious and satisfying but also good for the mind and body.

A seasonal bounty mixes nutrient-rich ingredients to create light yet comforting cuisine. The culinary team also makes most of the elements for each dish in-house, as additives and preservatives are always eschewed in favor of items that highlight ingredients in their natural state—whole, seasonal, and nutrient-rich as much as possible.

Food is fuel and being conscious of choosing dishes featuring wholesome ingredients brings integrity and relevance to dining mindfully.

Here are some examples of the wellness team’s recommended food and treatment pairings, with availability determined by season:


Treat: Try the Classical Massage at The Spa at Terranea, a 60-minute therapy using Swedish techniques customized to the guest.

Nourish: Niacin, thiamin, calcium, omega-3, and vitamin B12 are all helpful when it comes to soothing the body and calming the mind. Look for menu items that are rich in these nutrients, such as a beef burger, chicken breast, brown rice, and tofu.


Treat: With the Therapeutics Massage, the masseuse determines the most appropriate massage techniques, including deep tissue, to help ease injuries, aches, fluid retention, and other conditions.

Nourish: Omegas, vitamin K, protein, iron, potassium, and phosphorus are all beneficial. Look for menu items featuring kale, quinoa, beef, broccoli, bananas, nuts, and beans.


Treat: The Revitalizing Marine Massage features dry brushing and Mediterranean algae to help stimulate the body and rid it of toxins.

Nourish: Vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, fiber, and antioxidants all assist with detoxification. Look for menu items featuring shrimp, zucchini, avocado, berries, carrots, sweet potatoes, tuna, oysters, and mushrooms.


Treat: The Crystal Reflections treatment begins with setting an intention while soaking in a harmonizing copper foot bath with healing crystal quartz, followed by a foot massage to help promote alignment of mind and body.

Nourish: Folate and folic acid, iron, zinc, calcium, iodine, vitamin C, and vita-min D are all essential in the prenatal state. Look for menu items featuring chickpeas, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, tuna, seaweed, oysters, beef, oranges, and tomatoes.

Spa and Wellness Connections

Terranea's philosophy stems from wellness and a good life balance with a nurturing environment.

The bungalows are a collection of guest accommodations featuring spa and wellness–focused amenities and are in close proximity to the treatment rooms and Fitness Center.

The wellness team at The Spa acknowledges that guests are mentally overstimulated. So, they have created experiences to connect and reconnect with loved ones and nature, as even just being outdoors enhances the natural benefits of exercise.

A fitting example is Terranea’s Seaside Yoga, which builds strength, reduces stress, and brings the body, mind, and spirit into balance—all the while taking in the ocean breeze. 


Q&A with Terranea’s Wellness Concierge 

Q. How was the spa menu created?

A. The spa menu is based on the circadian rhythm of the body. It focuses on revitalizing treatments that are detoxifying and increase circulation in the body, which are ideal in the morning. For the late afternoon and evening, we recommend treatments that are more warming, nurturing, and relaxing. Products for our treatments are chosen for their therapeutic benefits and are in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Q. What are some of your favorite treatments?

A. Honey Body Bliss is inspired by the bees on our farm and includes raw honey, with its active phytonutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes that enhance the moisturizing and healing benefits of the treatment. Combined with coconut oil and brown sugar, this is a delicious, full-body exfoliation. A light massage with coconut oil leaves you with silky-soft skin and the feeling of being transported far away from your day-to-day world.

Our Revitalizing Marine Massage has wonderful detoxifying benefits, while being uplifting and stimulating. It begins with a full-body, dry-brush exfoliation, which increases circulation while calming the nervous system.

Q. What are some of the benefits of the new Himalayan salt room?

A. Halotherapy, or breathing salty air, has shown respiratory benefits from the drying effects. The negative ions in the salty air are known for improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety. This plus the sauna is a great combination.

Q. How is sea kelp utilized in The Spa?

A. We have many marine-based products for our specialty treatments. Ocean Prelude is a definite favorite. This includes dry brushing, a replenishing seaweed wrap, and a saltwater bath, followed by a warm, rhythmic oil massage.

All of our restaurants have menu items using our local sea kelp. The Terranea kelp-cured smoked salmon topped with tomato and onion jam and whipped cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel is a favorite.

Additionally, our signature kelp amenity is for enjoying in the bathtub or for brewing tea.

Q. Which of the quick 20-minute workouts designed by the fitness experts would you recommend?

A. The Terranea Trio combines three 20-minute segments into one powerful hour. Cycle, Sculpting, and Stretch are a dynamic trio to invigorate your morning. They were developed to add variety to work different muscle groups for both strength and flexibility.

Q. Is private training available?

A: Yes! We encourage our guests to continue their wellness routines while traveling and are also happy to help revamp their routines or create new ones with personal training sessions in the movement studio or in private outdoor spaces.

Q. How would you describe the Nature’s Gym workout?

A. It is a fun and challenging combination of cardiovascular drills and resistance training primarily using your own body weight, or other elements found on our nature trails such as picking up pebbles. Other outdoor fitness offerings include our Full Moon Yoga and Seaside Cycle, or Aqua Conditioning, which is outdoors in the pool.

Q. Is taking a break from technology to reconnect with nature good for the mind as well as the body?

A. Allowing people to reconnect with nature and focus inward is one of the greatest gifts we give our guests. A break from technology to gaze out at the Pacific and take in the ocean air allows our guests to renew their well-being and feel more at peace.


Eight fun facts about outdoor workouts and property pursuits.*

1.    Swimming for one hour can not only burn 400 to 700 calories, but also help improve sleep, boost your mood, and aid with stress management.

2.    You can burn seven calories a minute kayaking while you take in breathtaking views of the coast and tone your upper body and core.

3.    Cycling around the hills can burn as many as 400 calories per hour—plus give you amazing views of the coast.

4.    You can burn more than 500 calories during the 90 minutes it typically takes to play Terranea’s par-3, nine-hole course.

5.    Take aim—30 minutes of archery can burn up to 185 calories.

6.    Depending on the class type and poses, Scorpion being one of the most challenging, yoga classes can burn 100 to 450 calories.

7.    A 60-minute deep-tissue massage equals seven to eight hours of sleep in its benefits to your body.

8.    Painting your own unique mandala stone, guided by a spiritual wellness coach, may not burn calories, but the relaxation benefits are countless.

*Consult with a physician before attempting any new activities.

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