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Raise a glass to the good times and libations you can experience throughout the resort.

Terranea isn’t just known for its spectacular cuisine and pristine ingredients. Everything you drink with the food, from wine to tea to spirits, has been carefully selected to ensure that you sip the best of Southern California during your time at the resort.

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If you’d like to kick off your meal with a glass of bubbly, consider the Terranea Essentiel by Piper-Heidsieck, which you’ll find on every wine list. The Terranea team traveled to the Champagne region in France to develop the wine hand in hand with the Piper-Heidsieck team—and Terranea is one of only four places in the world to have its own signature Piper-Heidsieck Champagne.

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There’s a local bent to the wine lists, but Terranea is also looking ahead to what’s new and what’s now—including offering an abundance of wines that are organic, sustainable, or biodynamic. Not sure what those terms mean? We’ve broken it down for you below.

Organic: Harvested without the use of pesticides or herbicides

Biodynamic: An extension of organic farming using the moon and energy forces as a viticultural guide. 

Sustainable: An Earth-friendly category in which wineries may limit water use, utilize alternative energy resources, or use other methods to protect the natural environment.

Look For: Served throughout the property, ONEHOPE Wine gives back to a variety of foundations with every bottle of wine purchased at the resort.  

Cutting Edge Cocktails

●     Every restaurant at Terranea has Signature Cocktails crafted to pair with the cuisine. For the most of-the-moment cocktails, head to mar’sel, where bartenders use modern techniques to mix unique drinks.

●     The Rosemary Fire, for instance, mixes Peerless rye whiskey, garden-grown-rosemary simple syrup, orange bitters, and Angostura bitters before the drink is smoked in a cloche to add another level of complexity. mar’sel also offers a selection of zero-proof cocktails, a growing trend across the country for drinkers and nondrinkers alike. The Fleur de Sureau is a refreshing mix of grapefruit juice, elderflower, lime juice, and Q club soda.

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Spicy margaritas are a guest favorite at Terranea—so much so that every restaurant offers its own spin on the fiery cocktail. If you’d like to enjoy a taste of the resort at home, catalina kitchen shared its recipe for the Firefly, a balanced cocktail inspired by the Mexican street candies we enjoy in Los Angeles. Make one and feel the heat!


1.5 ounces Tanteo jalapeño tequila

1 ounce mango puree

3 ounces lemonade Tajín chile salt (for garnish)


Rim a collins glass with Tajín. Add the Tanteo and mango puree into the glass along with ice and stir. Refresh with some new ice, top with the lemonade, and serve.

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Perched atop cliffs overlooking the Pacific, Nelson’s is the perfect place for a cold, frosty pint. It comes with a side of incredible views—and pairs perfectly with classics like the Nelson’s Burger, made with double Kobe beef patties, or a Lobster Roll with punchy citrus aioli. Check out some of the local brews offered on draft.

GOLDEN ROAD World Pup Session IPA




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The Lobby Bar & Terrace is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy an aper-itif or after-dinner drink. While you’re there, try the Terranea Fashioned, made with Jack Daniel’s Single-Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey created specifically for the resort from Jack Daniel’s most coveted collection (only 1 of every 100 barrels receives the distinction). The Terranea team collaborated with Jack Daniel’s Distiller Jeff Arnett to choose the bold-flavored, barrel-aged spirit with notes of toasted oak and vanilla. The Terranea Fashioned is finished off with Fernet-Branca, chocolate bitters, and a Coca-Cola reduction—but you can add vanilla, cherry, or orange if you’re feeling fancy.

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Every Monday and Tuesday - Savor the smoky flavors of our "Smoke Show" handcrafted smoked cocktail menu – featuring notes of hickory, apple, mesquite, and cherry wood – and expertly prepared along our Lobby Terrace. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, discover the perfect pairing and indulge in a curated selection of California wine varietals accompanied by artisan chocolates. 4 - 8p.

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If you’re digging into Salt and Pepper Shrimp or Chashu Pork and Lobster Rice at bashi and would like something booze-free to drink with your meal, look past the restaurant’s list of Asian beers and 17 varieties of sake to its vast selection of Rishi teas. Available in loose-leaf and sachet format, Rishi’s teas (offered throughout the resort) are organic and responsibly sourced. Sip a steaming cup of bao zhong (pouchong) oolong, or jasmine green tea as a soothing accompaniment to your meal.

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Hospitality veteran Vincent Brunetti selects all of the wine and spirits for Terranea. We asked for his top three tips for pairing food and beverages at the resort. “The perfect pairing is always what you enjoy eating and drinking. Never let anyone tell you otherwise,” he says. Here are his top recommendations.

TIP #1: A classic pairing would be a fine sherry and Wild Fennel Soup at mar’sel. The sherry’s tanginess is complemented by the soup’s texture and dried-nut garnish, but if you don’t love sherry, the experience would be lost. If you love white wine, we can guide you to a dry, crisp selection such as the biodynamic Pinot Grigio by Alois Lageder.

TIP #2: Always consider a drink’s components for cocktail pairings. Clear spirits incorporating fruit go well with a salad or light seafood fare. Darker spirits tend to pair well with heartier dishes, as they most often have been aged in oak casks. This aging will add beautiful, ambient spice flavors and nuance to a dish.

TIP #3: Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. We hold biweekly meetings on different regions and spirits of the world. Our staff is excited when you enlist their assistance. The world of beverages is expanding every day. Let us take you on a journey.

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