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Q&A with professional golfers—and sisters—Jenny Coleman and Kristin Coleman at The Links

In addition to boasting some of the most beautiful coastline views, The Links at Terranea also holds several awards for being one of the finest 9-hole golf courses in the world. For twins and professional golfers Jenny Coleman and Kristin Coleman, The Links offers the perfect short game and a chance for sibling bragging rights right down the street from their childhood home in Rolling Hill Estates.

How did you both end up become avid golfers?

Jenny Coleman: When I was young, I played many sports, like softball, soccer, tennis … any sport with a ball to kick or hit as hard as I could.

Kristin Coleman: I started playing golf with my parents so we could have something we could all do together.

JC: I always knew I would grow up to be a professional athlete. I just didn’t know which sport it would be.

KC: Golf drew me because it has the potential for a very long career … and you can still play for fun afterwards.

When you and your sister golf together, is it more of a relaxing, enjoyable experience, or does sibling competitiveness play a factor?

JC: It is mostly a relaxing experience where we help each other out and want each other to play well.

KC: It is like playing with your best friend, but you also want to play well.

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You both play often on The Links at Terranea. What is it about the course you enjoy, other than how close it is to where you grew up?

JC: The Links at Terranea has a great short game area, and it is the best I have seen. There are multiple greens to practice all short game shots imaginable. The course is a fantastic par-3 with varying yardages that require you to hit a different club on every hole. The course inspires creativity and keeps you on your toes because of its undulations.

KC: It’s a challenging course with phenomenal views, great short game area and great staff that I enjoy playing with. My favorite part about the course is that there is a beautiful view on every hole.

Do you have a favorite time of day to hit the greens?

JC: I enjoy playing at all times of day. In the morning it generally is still and the greens are soft, making the course more score-able. Midday, the quietest time at the course … there is a light breeze and clear views of Catalina Island. In the late afternoon the sun begins to set, which makes for a beautiful sky.

What’s the perfect way to end a round at the resort?

KC: Go to Nelson’s and sit on the back patio over the water and have some great food and drinks.

Do you both have a favorite hole of the course?

KC: Hole #8 is one of the most challenging holes on the course and, in my opinion, has the best view of the resort and ocean.

JC: My favorite hole on the course is #2 … that is where I got a hole-in-one. That day I went on to shoot my lowest round ever at Terranea, a 22 (-5)… the course record.

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You both seem like pretty seasoned athletes, but do you ever seek assistance from the Golf Academy offered at The Links?

JC: I have played and practiced with most of the staff at the Terranea Golf Academy. They are excellent golfers with different styles and personalities, but they all have offered me tips and advice that helped me improve my game.

What’s the best advice you can give players who want to tee up on The Links?

JC: I suggest you try to stay out of the bunkers … they are brutal. But that is easier said than done.

KC: If you can stay away from them, you will post a good score and have a relaxing round.

Contact the Concierge to reserve a tee time at The Links or speak to a team member about the Golf Academy.

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