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Nutritious pointers for keeping up with Dad on the course

In terms of season, Father’s Day couldn’t come at a better time. Falling on the third Sunday of June, the annual holiday coincides with the start of summer, warmer temperatures, and a leisurely state of mind. Anyone who loves to golf—dads included—will recognize these as the prime ingredients for a day on the greens.

With its panoramic ocean views and 9-hole, par 3 course, The Links at Terranea is understandably a popular destination for fathers and families this time of year. Designed to appeal to golfers of every level, it’s ideal for both competitive and casual gatherings.

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Artful bunkering, unobstructed sightlines, and a wide range of classic strategic elements combine to deliver an unparalleled golf experience. The scenic walking course also remains amateur and professional friendly, with no water features and the added benefit of tee boxes for ease of play.

In addition to an award-winning course that celebrates the natural setting along the Palos Verdes Peninsula, The Links also offers practice areas and state-of-the-art simulator driving bays, as well private lessons by PGA professionals – so you can make sure your game is up to par.

And in addition to great golfing, guests also get the added benefit of the resort’s many amenities right at their fingertips. A day with dad at Terranea is one that you will always remember.

To help hold on to those wonderful memories, it’s important that golfers keep both mind and body healthy on the course. Here are a few tips for keeping up both your game and stamina for each outing.

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1. Hydrate. This is probably #1 when it comes to golf health. Although the sport moves at a slower pace than others, it’s still critical to keep the body hydrated with H20 for the length of the game. We suggest carrying a reusable bottle and keeping it filled the entire round. Remember to intake enough during your pre-game meal and continue to sip some on every tee, especially if it’s a hot day. When you sweat you lose the electrolytes that keep your brain and body functioning, so replenish the source as much as possible. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen to keep your skin protected while outdoors.

2. Eat wisely. Golfers are athletes and require nutritional support to keep them fueled and fit. Healthy fare, like vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables and protein-heavy eggs and meats, make for a breakfast of champions. Try to avoid empty carbs like pancakes and cereals, and stick to beneficial ones like whole grains paired with your protein. Luckily, Terranea’s restaurants offer a lengthy list of healthy menu options to satisfy both your hunger and nourishment. If you’re pressed for time, consider a quick stop at sea beans, where you’ll find a selection of sandwiches, salads, and snacks (almonds!) to get you through the day. Or pre-order your Father’s Day Meal To-Go for pickup – featuring delicious grilled surf and turf favorites, as well as vegetarian options, from our culinary team.

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3. Treat yourself. While we recommend health and wellness on the course, it’s also important to celebrate appropriately once the scores are tallied and the clubs are packed. Treat your dad to a getaway at Terranea. The resort’s casitas and villas offer expansive living space with additional great rooms, and plenty of space to roam with a wealth of activities for kids, teens, and adults alike. Try your hand at stand-up paddle-boarding and kayaking on the water, or enjoy a coastal walk and the-one of-a-kind falconry program, all just a stone’s throw away. If your dad can’t get enough of the fresh air and views, becoming a member at The Links certainly has its perks. Quality time spent together is the greatest gift of all.

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