A Painting Of An Island


A preview of highlights from the resort’s carefully curated collection

While wandering through Terranea, you will likely notice a variety of framed art pieces on the walls of many interior spaces. Unlike typical “hotel art,” the visuals on display at the resort are actually part of a carefully curated collection of both local and internationally recognized artists whose subjects mirror the beautiful complexities of their surroundings. Guests are invited to take a self-guided tour of Terranea’s art at their leisure. Please visit the Experience Center in the coming months for a map and additional information on the art and the artist behind the piece. Until then, enjoy a few highlights here.

A Glass Of Water



Boats have always been a driving force underlying Terranea’s aqua adventures like whale-watching, paddle boarding, Catalina Island excursions and ocean kayaking. There is also the historical relevance of the Tongva people, indigenous to the area, who used ocean kayaks to travel between Channel Islands and the mainland. Although this artist’s work at first appears “abstract,” it’s important to note that even slightly recognizable objects (such as the oranges or rope) keep this from being completely “non-objective,” which is the basic characteristic of abstract work.

FIND IT: Outside Marineland Ballroom

A Bowl Of Food On A Plate


BY LOIS BARNES oil on canvas

Lois Barnes’ paintings are born from an urge to record moments of the ordinary that are often overlooked. “I relish becoming lost in the tangled designs of still lifes and landscapes en plein air. It is akin to being on an adventure and trying to enhance and solve the complicity of the relationships between colors, spaces, objects and light … and then hoping to alert viewers to what I think are exciting moments.” Appropriately, this painting is displayed alongside some amazing examples of our own culinary artists’ fine work. Terranea’s culinary team understands that “we eat with our eyes first,” and so presentation is key.

FIND IT: Located in sea beans

A Close Up Of A Fish


BY AMY SIDRANE oil on canvas

Peacocks are not native to the Palos Verdes Peninsula but rather came to live here after Frank Vanderlip was given a small flock from Mr. Wrigley’s Aviary on Catalina Island. Most locals love coming across a flock of peacocks, although some homeowners find them something of a nuisance due to their shrill, very loud call. Amy Sidrane, a member of the Portuguese Bend Artist Colony, began studying art as a scholarship student with the renowned Russian impressionist Sergei Bongart. “I paint not only to cultivate my own artistic nature but also to bring attention to our need as a community to protect our fragile and vulnerable undeveloped landscape.”

FIND IT: Between bashi and catalina kitchen

A Statue Of A Person


BY ANNE SIEMS acrylic on wood panel

Anne is inspired by ideas about life and death, nature, dreams, psyche and spirit. After receiving her MFA in Berlin, Germany, she settled in Seattle. This painting was designed to be interpreted however the viewer sees it, but some see the “Lady of the Light” who is supposed to haunt the lighthouse at Point Vicente.

FIND IT: Outside PV Ballroom

A Bird Sitting On Top Of A Body Of Water


BY HOLLY GRAY gouache on paper

Holly is a scientific illustrator with a master’s degree in biology; she takes particular interest in birds and our influence on their survival. In this gouache and watercolor painting she celebrates the resurgence of brown pelicans, which were almost lost before the banning of DDT. Holly’s illustrations of local flora and fauna can be seen all over the resort, but this piece is particularly noticeable.

FIND IT: In the lobby living room


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