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You don't have to be a professional to take professional-looking photographs. Throughout the property, stunning vistas, and dynamic settings provide ideal backdrops for capturing memories. Whether sun-filled or romantic and dewy, the scenery here is surely something to “like.”

TIP 1: Know your filters.

Professionals are well versed at following the light to capture the right location at the right time. When you can’t plan for specific light or time of day, make up for it by utilizing your camera’s filters on your mobile device. The icon of three overlapping circles in the photo app is the simplest way to edit lighting. Choose “vivid warm,” as we did on these pages, to showcase the warmer tones and add vibrancy to sky and sea.

TIP 2: Know the rule of thirds.

For great composition, mentally run two lines horizontally and two lines vertically through your screen. Where the lines intersect is where the focal points of each shot should be.

A Chair Sitting Next To A Glass Of Water On A Table

TIP 3: Know what’s in your shot.

The view might be great and the landscape compelling but wait for that family with a stroller or the gardener tending to plants to pass by before you get the pic. Outlines of people in the distance can add life to a shot, but don’t get photobombed by a stranger in the foreground.

TIP 4: Know where your phone is.

Don't miss a great photo opp by not being able to actually capture it. You never know when you’ll catch a stellar view or a great vantage point for capturing a flock of birds landing on the ocean.

A Group Of Lawn Chairs Sitting On Top Of A Beach

TIP 5: Know your phone’s features.

Shooting when it’s bright out or on the fly often doesn’t yield the perfect photo, but little tweaks after the fact can make a huge difference. Horizon line not completely level? Use your phone’s straighten mode within the crop feature on the camera app to correct any tilts.

TIP 6: Know how to make your subjects smile.

With digital photography, it’s easy to take round after round of images, but if your subjects don’t know when you’re snapping, you might not get their brightest expression. Make sure you give them a countdown to every shot to let them know when to say “cheese.”

A Hawk Sitting On Top Of A Grass Covered Field

TIP 7: Know how to use portrait mode.

Don’t let the name fool you—this camera setting is designed to highlight close-up shots of all kinds, not just “portraits” of people. Instead, use this setting to capture your food images, and it will highlight anything from the tiniest seeds on a berry to the flakes of a croissant.

TIP 8: Know that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Capturing the moment is as much about reality as it is about having a good time. Don’t forget to live in the moment.


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