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Meet Jillian Gotlib, a bartender at Terranea’s Lobby Bar

Jillian Gotlib
Bartender at Lobby Bar
Hometown: Culver City
Associate at Terranea Resort since 2009

“On one of my visits to Spain, on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, I watched as a café owner prepared some mouthwatering peaches, oranges, grapes and berries in what appeared
to be a big fruit salad. I asked what she was making. She replied, ‘Sangria for the guests who will visit our café today.’ And my heart skipped a beat. ‘Note to self,’ I thought, ‘I want to grow up to do that myself someday.’ And here I am, overlooking a beautiful ocean and islands, serving happy guests refreshing drinks surrounded by nature.”

INSIDER TIP: Order one of Jillian’s famous margaritas. You won’t be disappointed.

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