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Meet Blake Hale, Terranea’s garden expert

Blake William Hale
Jr. Sous Chef and Special Projects, Terranea Garden Expert
Hometown: San Pedro
Associate at Terranea Resort since 2010

“The guest’s experience is most important. I encounter guests throughout the property daily, be it the outlets, in the hallways or on any of our many trails we have on property. I often will emerge from one of the trails after gathering flowers for our sea beans market display and a guest will ask me what I am picking. I then get to explain my role at Terranea and show off the bounty. The property offers a variety of seasonal edibles, like Lemonade Berry, wild herbs and a continual bloom of native plants and flowers. Any time I have the opportunity to show off the property’s offerings, I feel very satisfied.”

INSIDER TIP: Dine at any of our wonderful restaurants, and you will encounter various items on the menus that reflect the resort’s commitment to the freshest, most sustainable fare available.

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