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Terranea Resort teams up with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to raise support and awareness for kids’ health

Make March Matter is an annual campaign that rallies corporate partners, individual donors, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the public at-large to bring focus to the healthcare needs of the children of greater Los Angeles. The goal is to raise $1 million during the month of March each year to support programs and services at CHLA that build healthier futures for children.

Why Make March Matter? For kids like Pierce.

In 2017, Aubrey and Tyler Kelly checked their almost two-year-old son Pierce into a local hospital for blood tests after a series of symptoms, including cold sweats and infections. That evening, doctors told the Kellys that Pierce needed to be transported immediately to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to confirm a suspected diagnosis of leukemia or lymphoma. At Children’s Hospital, tests revealed the bad news. Not only did Pierce have leukemia, the most common cancer in children and teens, he had acute myeloid leukemia, a more rare form of the blood cancer, which can progress quickly if not treated.

The Kellys had never been to Children’s Hospital. “As a parent, you don’t want to need a children’s hospital,” says Aubrey, “but we feel blessed that Pierce was diagnosed and treated at CHLA—it means he had the very best treatment from day one.”

CHLA would become their second home. Pierce would spend 115 days in the pediatric hospital. During that time, he had two rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, went under anesthesia 15 times, and underwent 31 platelet transfusions and 15 blood transfusions.

Pierce is weaning off some medications, but will need to take immunosuppressants to prevent rejection of his new stem cells until July 2018. Before that, he can’t attend day care or go to public places like Disneyland. The Kellys don’t mind. They’re happy to have reached this part of their journey. “Our house is filled with the kind of laughter and squealing you can imagine with three kids under 5,” says Aubrey. “It’s wonderful.”

Just like Pierce, many kids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are fighting aggressive diseases. Together, we can give these kids the life-saving treatments they need and discover cures that can be shared here, and around the world.

Your support will help CHLA provide the very best care, conduct the most leading-edge research on children’s illnesses, and provide the personal touches and support that help children and families get through some of the toughest chapters in their lives. The dedicated doctors, nurses and staff at CHLA do all this—and so much more—thanks to people like you.

You can Make March Matter today by clicking here to donate today! You can also get involved at Terranea Resort via Terranea.com/MMM.


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