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The Links at Terranea Junior Golf League promotes teamwork and togetherness

The Links at Terranea Junior Golf League is designed to create a family-friendly environment where local youth can learn golf as well as the life lessons the sport teaches. Robert Krasemann, assistant golf professional at Terranea, has coached junior golf for six years. He started working at Terranea in 2011 and is co-creator of the South Bay Junior Golf League.

What do you love about working with children? 

“Kids are the most rewarding because they are so genuine. When you are able to connect with a child and create an environment where they feel welcomed, educated, supported and you see their confidence/skill improve to the point golf becomes a passion for them, there really isn’t a better feeling as a coach.”

How does your business help instill healthy habits in children? 

“In the current instant-information area of video games and iPhone apps, our league is getting kids outside and walking nine holes of golf with a teammate—using skill and team communication/strategy. We create opportunities for all kids, parents and coaches to make new friends while growing the game of golf. Seeing the competition, sportsmanship and personal improvements each week is something you really need to see to believe and understand the value.”

What motivated you to start a kid-focused business? 

“The Links at Terranea Junior Golf League promotes teamwork and togetherness. It has been a winning factor for our league and for kids’ enjoyment. They don’t feel isolated; they feel supported and part of something bigger. When we created the league, we made divisions for the younger golfers who may not be ready for the time and challenge of nine holes of golf. We created a six-hole league for the younger intermediate player and a three-hole division for the young golfer learning the game.”

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Tell us about your all-star team.

“This summer the South Bay Junior Golf League will participate in the PGA Junior League, which generates some of the top junior golf talent in the country for kids 13 years old and younger (but it also encourages players of all levels to play in the league). Once the season is complete each league forms an all-star team. Last year we teamed up with players from the Lakes at El Segundo to form our all-star team with 10 kids.”

Fast Fact

One of Terranea’s eighth-grade golfers was so inspired by the league, he created a website with his mom’s help that includes league format, values, expectations and a game improvement guide.

For more information on The Links at Terranea Junior Golf League, call 310-265-2752 or visit Terranea.com/golf.

Article originally appeared in Southbay Magazine, April 2016.

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