Garden-curated cocktails change with the season using the freshest local ingredients

At Terranea Resort we nurture the creativity of our bar team to cultivate a unique array of eclectic signature cocktails resort wide. We encourage creativity, while using the best possible ingredients. This means making as many of our ingredients in house as possible. It also means using local ingredients, or ingredients based on seasonality.

Our signature cocktail—Origin Story—can be ordered year round and uses the resort’s own lemons, rosemary, honey and sea salt.

Origin Story
2 oz. Tru Garden vodka
1/4 oz. honey syrup
1 oz. lemon juice
rosemary sprig
sea salt rim garnish

About the Farm-to-Table series: Sometimes the freshest and most delicious way to serve our guests is to harvest our cuisine’s ingredients right from the land and sea around our beautiful resort.

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