Healthful and sustainable, kelp is the latest locally sourced ingredient in Terranea's kitchens

As part of the ever-evolving sustainability culture at Terranea, the resort has added kelp harvesting to its ever-growing list of initiatives. In early 2018, Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra received his kelp harvester license, allowing the resort to harvest and process Giant Kelp and other edible seaweeds just a short distance from the protected water in front of Terranea. Kelp is a nutritious vegan ingredient that is added to salad, sea salt, rubs and seasoning mix, sauces and other preparations.

Today, our culinary team hand-harvests the beautiful sea vegetables, right on top of the kelp forest or by the Peninsula’s shoreline. Once harvested, kelp is air-dried in the Sea Salt Conservatory providing a natural and picturesque setting as well as a fresh ocean air environment. The greenhouse conservatory serves as a natural evaporation chamber, resulting in dried and preserved kelp, and high-quality, mineral-rich sea salt, and ultimately enabling the resort to become sea salt-sustainable.

Guests can get experience the true Farm-to-Terranea philosophy at one of Terranea’s Sea Harvest Tastings. Attendees will enjoy an intimate sea salt and kelp tasting paired with farm-fresh produce, signature crafted bites, and sparkling ONEHOPE Wine, as they learn about the resort’s harvesting process with Terranea’s award-winning chefs.

About the Farm-to-Table series: Sometimes the freshest and most delicious way to serve our guests is to harvest our cuisine’s ingredients right from the land and sea around our beautiful resort.

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