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A businessman and former speed skater finds his dream retreat on the California coast

Sometimes ending a stay at Terranea and returning back to everyday life can be challenging. For Villa owners like Nate Di Palma, the vacation never has to end. A 10k inline speed skating world record holder and owner of two successful businesses, Nate shares why Terranea is the perfect second home not only for himself but also for his Cavalier King Charles, Oliver.

You live full-time in Park City, Utah. Is that why you chose a more coastal destination for a vacation property?

Nate Di Palma: I live in Park City roughly eight months of the year, Terranea a couple months and travel for work and fun another month or so. I love the mountains, but I have always been drawn to the ocean. Most of my childhood vacations were with family at the beach. It became my happy place … something about the smell and breeze that brings peace to me. I am lucky to have a life that allows me to experience both mountains and ocean. I considered relocating to Southern California for my primary residence until I found Terranea. The property made it possible to have plenty of time at the ocean without the typical second home stress.

How is your villa like your primary residence, and how is it different?

NDP: My villa is very comfortable and finished exceptionally. When I arrive, everything is in perfect order, and I can immediately do the things I want to do on property. That usually includes a nice walk along the cliffs or through landscape gardens with Oliver, maybe followed with some gym or pool time.

Having access to so many amenities and activities on the property, what are two or three of your favorite things you take advantage of at the resort?

NDP: Please don’t make me choose. I golf everyday and love that the golf staff takes their jobs and the course seriously. Golf is actually what brought me to Terranea for the first time. With their consistent effort, they have created one of the finest executive courses in the world. I chat with the grounds crew early in the morning between shots about their lives and the great jobs they are doing. The fitness classes have changed my health and improved my life. I yoga almost every day, take spinning classes, lift weights and will try almost anything on the schedule—even Zumba. I have been spoiled with the private car to and from the airport, room service amenities, loaner car, spa and unbelievable restaurants.

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Speaking of the unbelievable restaurants, what would you recommend to guests visiting for the first time?

NDP: Try the scallops and a glass of white wine at mar’sel, blackened salmon salad at Nelson’s, sea greens smoothie at Sea Beans, shrimp and cantaloupe at bashi, mini glazed doughnuts on the weekends at catalina kitchen and a green chili burger at the resort pool.

Do you tend to bring friends or family with you when you visit, or is it more of a solo retreat?

NDP: This has been the perfect combination of a solo sanctuary and a place that I can reconnect with my family and friends. I really treasure the time that I can recharge and refocus on my own. I love it when family and friends visit because I want to share this life with them and treat them well. I also entertain clients here, and they always depart with a great experience. I treasure my clients, and Terranea helps me make sure they feel appreciated. Nothing says “I appreciate you” quite as much as “Your villa is waiting, and all of your needs have been taken care of.” When I am solo, I love opening a bottle of Champagne and getting a little cabana party started with new friends at one of the pools.

Do you enjoy being able to bring Oliver with you when you stay?

NDP: I love that Terranea is pet-friendly. This is Oliver’s special place too. He is my best pal, and we are rarely apart on property. He loves to chase the wild rabbits and lizards that live on the property. Terranea has improved both of our lives.

What’s the one “can’t-miss” time of year that you will always be found at Terranea?

NDP: October. I love walking on the brick path at the edge of the property and feeling the blooming red flowers slide through my fingertips. It’s perfect.

When you pull into the Terranea property, what’s the first thought or feeling that comes over you?

NDP: I’m home.

“This has been the perfect combination of a solo sanctuary and a place that I can reconnect with my family and friends.”

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